Over 1,000 police agencies have taken advantage of digital imaging training by Imaging Forensics — either through regional workshops or in-house training. Imaging Forensics offers regional workshops throughout the United States as well as in-house training to meet the needs of your agency.

  • Regional Workshops:
    Imaging Forensics offers workshops in various locations throughout the year in several topics related to digital photography and image enhancement. These workshops are frequently hosted by police departments or forensics organizations, such as IAI Regional Divisions or LEVA, or are frequently marketed through other independent organizations such as Resolution Video.
  • In-House Training:
    For many agencies it makes the most sense to bring the training directly to your agency. This enables the training to be customized to meet the specific needs of your agency, utilize your own equipment, work within your own protocols, and meet any troubleshooting needs. If you have more than two or three people who can benefit from this training, it also may be less expensive to bring the training in-house, saving travel expenses and multiple tuition payments. George Reis has provided in-house training to agencies throughout the US, including the Secret Service, US Army Crime Lab, San Francisco Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Oregon State Crime Lab, and dozens of other federal, state and local agencies.
  • Calendar:
    Our calendar provides information on our upcoming workshops.
  • More Information:
    Let us know if you’re interested in attending a workshop or hosting a workshop and we’ll contact you with the information you need to make it happen!