Image Analysis

Imaging Forensics’ core services are in the field of Image and Video Analysis and Enhancement. This includes security and surveillance video, digital photos, film-based photographs, digital scans, fingerprints, and any other visual data associated with civil and criminal cases.

  • Image & Video Analysis:
    Forensic image and video analysis includes the examination, evaluation, analysis, enhancement, authentication, comparison, and measurement of photographs, video, and other image data.
  • Image & Video Authentication
    The analysis of photos and video to determine if they are what they purport to be, if they depict real events, and whether or not they have been altered.
  • Image & Video Enhancement
    Enhancement and clarification usually refers to correcting image blur, reducing image noise, or adjustments to brightness and contrast to bring out details that are otherwise difficult to discern.
  • Comparative Analysis
    Comparing a person or object in a photo or video to another to determine if they are the same, different, or have common characteristics. This may include comparisons of people, clothing, or vehicles involved in crimes or accidents, or other objects of evidence in photographs, etc.
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