About George Reis

George Reis is the President and owner of Imaging Forensics, Inc. and has been providing training and expert witness services in forensic image analysis, forensic video analysis, and forensic and technical photography since 1995.

Reis worked from 1989 to 2004 at a southern California police department, as a forensic photographer, image analyst, crime scene investigator, and latent fingerprint examiner. He introduced digital imaging to that agency in 1992, making them one of the first law enforcement agencies to utilize this technology.

Reis is certified in forensic photography and imaging by the International Association for Identification, and is the current Chair of the Forensic Photography and Imaging Certification board of that organization.

Reis is author of the book, Photoshop CS3 for Forensic Professionals, published by Sybex. He also authored a white paper on the integrity of digital images, and numerous articles for publications including Evidence Technology magazine and Law Enforcement Technology magazine.

Prior to working in forensics, Reis’ background includes time working as a photojournalist, working in a commercial photography lab, and working as a freelance photographer.