Image Authentication Kickstarter Opportunity

Dec 21st, 2014 - Filed under: Blog

I recently read about this on Jim Hoerricks’ Forensic Media Analysis blog. It’s a Kickstarter project to develop an image authentication application. I made a pledge and am posting this to encourage others to also do so. Here’s why.

First, I don’t have any vested interest in this (other than the pledge I made), and I don’t know the developer. Also, I don’t expect that this project will produce anything that isn’t already available with other software. I currently have Amped Authenticate and FIAS, and love them both.

But, what I am hoping is that by supporting this project, it will encourage more development and research into image authentication. And, what I’m afraid of is that if this project fails, then it will discourage this developer, as well as others from continuing development in this field. In addition, for just a $30 pledge, you will walk away with a piece of image authentication software. That’s the best deal any of us are likely to see in a very long time.

So, for a pledge of $30 (or more if you are so inclined), you get a copy of an image authentication software application, you (at minimum) encourage one software developer to continue doing research and development in this field, you avoid discouraging him, and others, from continuing development in this field, etc. It really seems like one of those win-win situations to me.

And, if you are looking for a mature and complete authentication, don’t forget to take a look at both Amped Authenticate and FIAS – both are excellent applications that offer a very complete set of authentication tools.

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