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Dec 14th, 2014 - Filed under: Blog

I was recently interviewed by Steve Paxton, a photographer in Washington state, for his blog at f/stop spot. Steve is a talented photographer who does work ranging from street photography to weddings.

In his interview, he asked me about several things, from what I do as a forensic photographer and image analyst, to how one can find a job in this field.

It’s interesting to think about these things and think about the path to my career versus how one might plan a career in forensic photography or forensic image analysis today. My path was a bit accidental, but has been very rewarding. Government jobs in forensics have always been competitive, but are more so now then ever before.

Although I didn’t discuss specific cases in the interview, I thought about many specific cases during the course of it. I plan to post about some of the cases I’ve worked in the near future.

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