LEVA Level 3 Training

I just got home from taking the LEVA (Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association) Level 3 Course at the University of Indianapolis. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve taken a class through LEVA and this class reminded me of how great their training is!

I have previously mentioned the importance of training, and I try to attend at least one course every year. The Level 3 Course is very appropriate for all forensic video analysts to take, and it properly requires prerequisites of Level 1, 2, and the Video/Photographic Comparison classes. There is some quick review of concepts from those workshops, updates on legal cases involving video evidence (a case I worked on was discussed), then we are given a previously adjudicated case to work. We get two-and-one-half days to analyze the evidence, form an opinion, write a report, and prepare court charts. Then the testing begins. Our cases are presented in a Moot Court, with a Forensic Video Analyst (Scott Kuntz) and a Prosecuting Attorney (Jonathan Hak) questioning our evidence, our techniques, methodology, etc. There is also a written test, a practical test, and a comparison exercise to complete.

The course is complete, testing in most areas that a Forensic Video Analyst should be proficient in. The instruction is excellent. The casework is very representative of what I see in my business. And, the feedback is valuable. Any Forensic Video Analyst who hasn’t yet attended this course should sign up for the next offering as soon as they can. Any Forensic Video Analyst who hasn’t had any LEVA training at all is doing their agency or their clients a disservice.

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